Viscosity: SAE 15W-40 / 20W-50

Premium performance, multigrade diesel engine oil, specifically developed for superior performance of modern fishing vessels which using high speed diesel fuel.


  • Suitable for fishing vessels that use high speed diesel fuel under normal and severe conditions

  • Also well suitable for all small fishing vessels’ engines

    Remark : For PTT Seatech 6500 application, please consult the engine operation manual. In case of old engines with apparent engine oil consumption, SAE 20W-50 viscosity grade is recommended.


  • Excellent engine wear protection and provides best lubrication

  • Deliver engine performance and enhances engine cleanliness

  • Prevent rust and corrosion from sea water

  •  Prolongs engine life and extended oil drain intervals

  • Provides strong, stable oil film and prevent sludge in oil


  • API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4 / SL

  • ACEA E7-12

  • MB 228.3

  • VOLVO VDS-3 (Only SAE 15W-40)

  • MAN M3275-1 (Only SAE 15W-40)

  • MTU TYPE 2 (Only SAE 15W-40)

  • CUMMINS 20076/77 (Only SAE 15W-40)

  • MACK EO-N (Only SAE 15W-40)

  • RENAULT RLD-2 (Only SAE 15W-40)