Siam Petrotrade was established by a group of vast experienced petroleum professionals from the world leading oil and gas company.  Starting as a jobber at Northeast region of Industrial and wholesale Distributor of PTT Public Company Limited (or simply PTT), a Thai state-owned oil and gas company in Thailand.


        Siam Petrotrade has grown to become a preferred supplier in the distribution of petroleum-derived products in Thailand today. In 2015, our business later expanded and the head office was moved to Bangkok in order to support our growing sales from others business sector in such of marine domestic. However, Business Support Center has also formed at Bangkok to closely support all customer countrywide in the near future.


With an extensive repertoire of refined petroleum products offered, our customers hail from industries such as the agricultural, power plant, sugar mill, cement & construction and vehicular industries. Recognizing the varied needs that arise with a diverse customer base, we are committed to providing these different customers with value-added solutions to their operational requirements. Aside from supplying a wide range of refined petroleum products, we have also equipped ourselves with extensive supply chain management capabilities. We aim to achieve sustained company growth and increased market coverage in the Thailand countrywide through continuously expanding our customer base, developing new markets, whilst maintaining operational and financial competence. Further, we are also continuously seeking for opportunities to distribute complementary products that will expand our repertoire of product offerings.

Our company has distributed oil & petroleum products divided into the following groups:

Group 1 Diesel, Fuel Oil (all classes)

Group 2 Lubricants, Specialties products e.g. Mold Oil, Grease

Group 3 Other by products of petroleum e.g. Asphalt (Bitumen)

For non-oil & petroleum products, our company has product and service available divided by

Group 1 Aftermarket product e.g. Filter & air filter

Group 2 After-sales service e.g. tank calibration, tank installation


        To be Thailand’s leading integrated petroleum solution provider based on qualitative as well as quantitative measurements


        To understand the wants and needs of our market, customers and suppliers and provide superior service to fulfill their needs whilst providing high quality, reliable service, and competitively-priced products to our valued customers


        Integrity in business practices and products & services performance achieved through teamwork Responsive and collaborative partnership with supplier and customers Passionate, ambitions, and creative organization